Description of the works

Civil Works at Hotel Lorefice located at Triq il-Wilga, San Giljan, Malta.


Works related for this project require the Exacation of Retaining of, and Restoration of existing Naval Hospital Façade, internal demolition of existing building structures at the rear of the site. Construction of a multi-level hospitality building comprising three (3) levels of underlying basements, one (1) level comprising of reception and dining areas and nine (9) levels of  hotel rooms.


Concrete Works:

Preparation of the necessary moulds, casting beds and shuttering for all concrete works involved.

The construction of beams, etc, including the supply and cutting, hoisting and laying into place of all the required reinforcement.

Concrete encasement to structural steelworks if necessary.

Laying of concrete floor screed above precast slabs.

Masonry & Concrete Blockwork:

Construct single/double masonry walls as specified and indicated in the drawings.

Construct concrete block walls as specified and indicated in the drawings.

Form sills, jambs. lintols, ventilators and all other items shown on the drawings or which normally form part of constructed buildings.

Waterproofing Works:

To supply and install waterproof membrane where specified and in places where shafts for services, in areas as directed by architect in charge.

Structural Precast / Pre-stressed Concrete:

Design, supply, delivery and installation of: * Structural precast/pre-stressed concrete.

The specifications cover precast/pre-stressed structural concrete construction.

This section includes product design, manufacture, transportation, erection and other related items such as anchorage, bearing pads, inserts and similar accessories required for work under this contract.

Take delivery and cast into precast work boxes/inserts/openings required and supplied by other trades only if supplied prior to casting.

Supply information required for the installation of bracing, supports, inserts and similar accessories required for the work under this contract supplied and to be installed by others.


Client: Lore & Fitch Hotel
Location: Sliema
Completed: 2019, Duration of the Works 12 months
Architect: Dr Edwin Mintoff Associates