Our Services

  • Ready Mix Concrete

    GP Borg produces and supplies Ready Mix Concrete to different grades and specifications. For this, we have assembled the most sophisticated concrete batching plant on the island. This incorporates the latest technological advancements and allows our plant to churn out concrete at a production rate of 80m/3hours.

    GP Borg is also equipped with a number of Ready Mixed Concrete Trucks of various capacities according to the client’s requirements. All trucks are equipped with the latest technology and adhere to required standards.

  • Composite Slabs

    The popularity of the Predalles Slabs is largely owing to the ease with which they may be fitted to masonry construction, framed concrete and steel structures alike, as well as the fact that they can be geometrically shaped to any structural plan. Moreover, the slab may be constructed without the need for formwork and scaffolding and enables fast and easy erection. Roughened top concrete and trellises ensure bonding with the cast in-situ topping concrete. The smooth underside surface negates the need for plastering and enables painting to proceed immediately.

  • Stackable Concrete Blocks

    These highly versatile stackable concrete blocks can be connected using a Lego system and applied for a large number of functions that range from making barriers and retaining walls to constructing bankers. The Company supplies two different sizes (1600mm x 800mm and 800mm x 800mm). These blocks are positioned in place using a special block clamp which leaves very smooth surfaces. Stackable Concrete Blocks do not need to be reinforced and moulds are also available with a texture that resembles rubble walls.

  • Precast Hollow Concrete Blocks

    GP Borg produces between 4000 and 6000 hollow concrete blocks every day so as to cater to their clients’ requirements in as short a time as possible. Such blocks are suitable for external and internal cavity walls, separating load bearing as well as non-load bearing walls. The available range is classified in four basic types according to their thickness: 150mm, 180mm, 230mm single, and 230mm double thickness. A substantial stock is available at all times.

  • Plant Hire

    The Company plant hire service provides the most comprehensive fleet on the island and is well equipped with construction equipment such as Hydraulic Mobile Cranes of various capacity and Tower Cranes to cater for larger construction sites. The Company is also equipped with a concrete pump which is also available for hire to many other Building Contractors.

  • Construction

    GP Borg has been at the forefront in the construction industry and built some of the most prestigious project in Malta including amongst others;

    • Blue Harbour
    • Gallaria Shopping Complex
    • Fortina Spa Resort
    • Corners Edge
    • Balluta Terrace
    • Madliena Ridge – 24 Villas
    • Marks & Spencer
    • Paranga Restaurant
    • Plaza Shopping Complex
    • Castle Towers
    • Bridgeview Court
    • MIDI – T17 East & West
    • PAMA Shopping Village

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